Collections Against Judgments And HOA Matters

Whether you represent a homeowners association or are a landlord trying to collect from a delinquent tenant, our attorney at Leslie A. Erwin, P.C., can help you find an expeditious solution to your collection matter.

Helping You Or Your Business Collect Unpaid Fees And Judgments

If you need to collect on a judgment, an experienced attorney can help you take legal action and guide you through the collections process. As a lawyer, landlord and business owner, Ms. Erwin understands the concerns of her clients who may be dealing with unpaid homeowners association dues (HOA collections matters), evicting or collecting a judgment against tenants, collecting judgments for a breach of contract and numerous other matters when looking to see that a debt is paid in full.

In many cases, debtors respond more quickly to actions proffered by attorneys rather than those brought by collection agencies. Ms. Erwin will review and submit evidence substantiating your claims while complying with the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Although litigation may be necessary, Ms. Erwin can help you find alternatives that encourage a timely, cost-effective resolution. An amicable resolution is often favorable for both parties and may even preserve an existing business relationship. Furthermore, you can protect your association, business or individual reputation by avoiding a drawn-out lawsuit.

Below are some pieces of evidence and indicators that will be important in successfully collecting on a judgment or other debt:

  • A contract or promissory note signed by the debtor
  • Written admission from the debtor that the debt exists
  • Other evidence that verifies that the debtor acknowledges the debt (an email or fax)
  • Evidence that shows that the debtor willfully neglected to pay

Regardless of the circumstances, Ms. Erwin can review the status of your claim and provide you with options for collection.

Don't Make Threats. Take Meaningful Legal Action.

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